Some of the most common reasons to start programming

Trying to contextualize some of the most pointed reasons for someone to start programming, whatever stage such person is in their life. Normally, the sooner the better in such fast and competitive market, that continues to offer several opportunities, but also challenges to newcomers.

Flexible schedule and remote work (from your residence or wherever you are in the world)

Normally and also relying on the firm you remain in, or if you are a consultant, usually a programmer has the routine that feels most effective and creative for him or her. To take advantage of this, firms are enabling nowadays that the designer can have a versatile routine. Moreover, you can work from home, something quite typical these days. Considering that the only points you require to work are a computer and internet connection, you don’t need to go to the workplace to do the same stuff you can do at home. Home-office is becoming more and more popular as companies have actually recognized that they can reduce expenses, and developers don’t want to throw away a hour or more commuting to work.

You (probably) won’t become unemployed

In previous times of crisis this area was one of the few that kept growing. The number of vacancies is normally big as roles include several areas of understanding, as well as large firms can have more than hundreds of tasks happening at the same time. If you are near technology and innovation hubs, it will certainly be a “major achievement” if you remain jobless for a long period of time.

University programes are normally short

If you want official education, a 3-year program for example in the area of System Analysis should be sufficient. The Computer Science or Computer System Engineering programs can take a bit longer as well as you may get a lot more in terms of curriculum, yet in the job market persons that did these training courses will certainly collaborate in the same tasks regardless of what they did or where they examined

No need for college

If you are not willing to go to the university, all you need is a computer system as well as internet to find out everything you would certainly discover in college on your own, without wasting time on exams as well as classes. This is because nowadays there are numerous online resources for those who want to enter this area. Companies have an interest in your expertise and also experience, not if you have a degree.

Your salary will most likely above the standard

A trainee might not earn more than on other office careers, but as quickly as he or she isn’t a junior anymore, the salary generally increases, doubling or tripling sometimes. Moreover, the responsible attached for a higher income is less as in other sectors, where for example you need to be a supervisor, an engineer or a doctor to earn really well. Side note, generally lives are not lost when you make a mistake.

Climbing up fast the career ladder

Because it is a technological area, someone developing their expertise in this are and puts effort on it, will have the opportunity to to rise in position (and salary) quickly. Unlike professions where growth is slow and also depends more on working hours as well as job politics.

Knowing about different areas

It will happen in your career that you develop a system for non-technology businesses. In one month you might be dealing with a web system for an on-line shop, in the other a desktop system for health insurance plan as well as in the various other an Android application for air travel. These areas and different type of systems permit you to code for years and still continue discovering new things each day.